Using Everyday Items to Reinforce Speech and Phonics

When working with your child on speech sounds and phonology, use your time riding in the car, doing chores, or waiting in line to play games together. When doing this, take care to focus that your child will experience success.

1. Take turns playing rhyming games. Use only one sound during a session, and make sure to talk about the sound that you are making.

2. Play a name game together. Start with, “Let’s name two things that start with ________”. Choose a beginning sound, like the letter S and play from memory or by using everyday objects (eg: sun and sign). For example, ask your child to look around your surroundings and say, “Find two things that start with the S sound”.

3. A phonics game can be played using your shopping or errand list. Ask your child to first say and sound out the beginning letter of each word on the list. For example, first say the letter B and then say “the B sound is for butter”, and so forth as you choose or bag items in the store.

Remember, everyday activities and daily living provide ample opportunities to reinforce speech sounds and phonics lessons with your child. It doesn’t have to be homework! Keep it simple, and know that when parents keep it fun and interesting, their children learn quickly.

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More Information on Stuttering

Relaxation for Stuttering and Voice Patients (Click the link to play or right click to save on your machine)

Here is a free tool for you to use on a daily basis. It’s quick, effective and simple. In the morning, before you start your day, listen to this recording and practice relaxing the respiratory and phonatory system.
Try it for 7 days and see if it helps relieve your dysphonia, stuttering or vocal tension.

I digitized this recording while working in New Zealand. It’s from the Speech and Hearing Department located at the Whangarei Base Hospital. The speaker on this audio is a clinical psychologist by the name of Peter Dawson.

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