R Secrets for Speech Therapy

Does your child sound like they’ve got a “foreign accent”? Parents report this often. It may be an /R/ problem and the earlier you catch it, the better. Let it go too long and reading and spelling may be affected.

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John Kyle Meades, CCC-SLP has practiced Speech & Language Pathology since 1993. Therapy Group of Tucson, PLLC provides private, powerful and effective speech, occupational, physical & ABA therapy services in Tucson, AZ


  1. Rodney McKissick says

    I am an adult male, who would to get help for saying the word “r”.

  2. Speech Pathologist assist adults with articulation deficits, too.

  3. Does your Speech Pathologist speaks Spanish?

  4. Yes, we have bilingual speech pathologist that speak Spanish.

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