Pediatric Speech Therapy Tucson

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At Therapy Group of Tucson, PLLC  we provide some of the best medically-based bilingual pediatric speech therapy services in Tucson.  We use a variety of evidenced-based treatment strategies to address a multitude of speech and language disorders.

If you would like to schedule an appointment with one of our Speech and Language Pathologists or assistants, please contact us here.

If you require a second opinion or feel that your child isn’t receiving enough speech therapy currently,  contact us today.  We provide accurate and thorough evaluations in a warm and friendly environment.

We have experience with many disorders such as:  Speech and language delay, articulation disorders, apraxia of speech, fluency/stuttering disorders, tongue thrusting, orofacial and myofunctional disorders,  cluttering of speech, autism evaluations and treatment, sensory integration, cochlear implant therapy, aural rehabilitation, social and pragmatic disorders, dysarthria, aphasia, prematurity and high-risk infants, and various other developmental and neurological disorders.

We offer both individual and Speech 2.0 ® classes so that your child can get the help that they need.  Our treatment rooms and therapy gyms are located in a comfortable and clean environment.

Obtaining an appointment is very easy.  If your pediatrician recommended us, chances are they have faxed the referral to our office.  Don’t have a referral? Simply call us today to schedule an appointment.  We accept most insurances and AHCCCS plans.  If your insurance plan doesn’t cover speech therapy, don’t worry.  We have extremely affordable rates so that your child can obtain the weekly therapy they deserve.

It’s very easy to obtain pediatric speech therapy Tucson.  Please contact our friendly front office staff  here if you have any questions or to schedule an appointment now.  You’ll be glad that you did.