Occupational Therapy Tucson

Therapy Group of Tucson, PLLC offers some of the best Occupational Therapy Services in Tucson. We are a local, consistent and reliable occupational therapy provider with a solid reputation in our community.

Our highly skilled, compassionate  Occupational Therapists and Occupational Therapy Assistants (COTA) understand child development and know how to educate and train families so that kids can make great progress in the clinical setting and at home.

We provide pediatric Occupational Therapy and Evaluations in both of our outpatient clinic locations in Tucson Central or Tucson South.  We encourage all of our families to participate in the evaluation process so that we can get to know your child, establish rapport and start the treatment process.

Both locations feature sensory equipment and gyms, gross / fine motor equipment to to improve your child’s motor skills, balance, and coordination.

sensory gym in tucson - Therapy Group of Tucson

Occupational Therapy is a skilled treatment that supports and promotes the development and engagement of infants, toddlers, preschoolers, children and young adults in everyday routines.

We strive to make gains on a multitude of modalities such as play, establishing routines, motor skills, motor planning, activities of daily living (ADLS), self care, self-regulation, sensory processing, running, jumping,  feeding & eating, picky eaters,  food aversion, socialization skills, attention & contraction and handwriting skills.

To make an appointment for Occupational Therapy, please contact us here.  Please remember, in order for your child to make the highest gains from our specialized treatments, weekly attendance is critical.  We maintain a strict attendance policy in our outpatient clinic.  Most all insurance and AHCCCS plans are accepted.

Common Diagnoses Treated:

Sensory Processing Disorders
Autism and Pervasive Developmental Disorders
Developmental Delays
Cerebral Palsy
Infantile Feeding / Latching
Attention Deficit Disorders
Fine Motor and Coordination Deficits
Infant Development
Handwriting Skills
Daily Living Skills
Balance and Coordination
Eye-Hand Coordination