More Information on Stuttering

Relaxation for Stuttering and Voice Patients (Click the link to play or right click to save on your machine)

Here is a free tool for you to use on a daily basis. It’s quick, effective and simple. In the morning, before you start your day, listen to this recording and practice relaxing the respiratory and phonatory system.
Try it for 7 days and see if it helps relieve your dysphonia, stuttering or vocal tension.

I digitized this recording while working in New Zealand. It’s from the Speech and Hearing Department located at the Whangarei Base Hospital. The speaker on this audio is a clinical psychologist by the name of Peter Dawson.

If you think you have a voice or stuttering problem, or would like additional information regarding speech therapy services in Tucson, please contact me here.

If you live outside of the Tucson area, and would like an online/phone consultation, please visit me here.


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