How Do I Know If My Child Has A Speech Delay?

Delayed speech is a common problem that can be corrected, given a thorough evaluation and treatment by a licensed and skilled Speech and Language Pathologist. If you suspect your child has delayed speech, the first step is to contact your child’s pediatrician and rule out a hearing loss or other physical or physiological deficits. Next, it is important to make an appointment with a Speech and Language Pathologist to have your child’s speech properly evaluated.

A Speech and Language Pathologist will take an appropriate developmental and medical case history and complete a comprehensive assessment of the oral mechanism. Next, a norm-referenced assessment will be completed so that your child’s speech productions can be compared to those of his or her peers. The Speech and Language Pathologist will also assess your child’s speech in conversation or during play in order to gain additional insight to the severity of the speech disorder.

Properly diagnosing speech disorders requires skill and accuracy. At the Therapy Group of Tucson, we have that skill and have diagnosed and treated speech disorders for over 17 years now. If you suspect your child has a speech delay or other communication disorder, please contact us here. We answer questions and assist families and parents daily, so no question is too small. The Therapy Group of Tucson is here to provide speech therapy services to children in Tucson.

About Kyle Meades

John Kyle Meades, CCC-SLP has practiced Speech & Language Pathology since 1993. Therapy Group of Tucson, PLLC provides private, powerful and effective speech, occupational, physical & ABA therapy services in Tucson, AZ


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