COVID-19 Updates: Therapy Group of Tucson

There is no higher priority to our entire Therapy Group of Tucson Family than the Safety of our Employees & Clients.

We want all of our staff and families to feel comfortable entering our clinics during this time, and as a result, we have enhanced some of our cleaning procedures in the interest of our Clients’ and Employees’ health and safety.

We have taken extra precautions to maintain our clean and safe work environment:

• All therapy sessions will begin and end with appropriate hand washing with the client and therapist,

• “TGOT Clean Teams”  will be disinfecting all doorknobs, table tops, cabinet pulls, and other surfaces that children may touch in every room 2-3 times per daily with hospital-grade disinfectants,

• Therapy sessions can be conducted within individual treatment rooms instead of the therapy gym, as needed,

Clinic Disinfecting:  We spend many hours cleaning our facility each night. Typically, we use bleach / water and other disinfectants in the lavatories and all surfaces, and sanitize carpets regularly to maintain a safe, clean environment.  We have also expanded the use of hospital-grade disinfectants throughout our clinic.

Additionally, we utilize high quality air filters to scrub the circulated air so that we can exceed safe, clean standards in our clinic.

The following precautions, as published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) are being followed by our clinic:

Social distancing: No more than 3 persons gathering in one place; Therapy Group of Tucson is discontinuing social groups and other social interactions during this time in favor of direct 1:1 therapy with the therapist. Furthermore, Therapy Group of Tucson is limiting the number of clients at any given time in the entire facility, and each therapist will be assigned one room to work out of that they will be disinfecting after each visit. Materials that cannot be easily disinfected will not be re-used between clients. Surfaces such as door handles, light switches and bathrooms are disinfected several times per day.

Dropoff:  Please limit family members to one. The family will enter the clinic and take a temperature reading in the lobby, make co payments and sign in. The therapist will then take the child into the treatment area. 

Pickup:  The therapist will bring your child to your car at the end of your child’s session.  This will allow the therapist to briefly chat with you about the progress of the treatment. 

Hand Washing:  Provider and child will wash hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds immediately upon arriving at the clinic and again upon departing.

Surface Disinfectant:  Clinic will use an EPA approved disinfectant wipes or spray to sanitize all items and/or surfaces your child/therapist is likely to touch before the beginning of session.

Masks will be worn by all staff.  If the child will tolerate a mask, one should be provided by the family.

Provider(s)/Families will use elbow to cover coughs/sneezes.

Provider(s) will avoid touching eyes, nose, or mouth- if inadvertent contact occurs, wash hands as described.

Parent/Guardian agrees to be readily available at all times in the event that the therapist needs to contact you.  Family (or a designated adult) will be available to return to the clinic in the event that the therapist deems it necessary for any reason.